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    Today I would like to introduce the iONCT USB cable. This is a company that is not well-known but has been making high-quality products.     Look at this cable, lightning cable in assorted lengths (0.25m, 1m, 2m) is the ideal length for usage at home, in your office and more places. And […]

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Sikai Cable

     The product I would like to talk about today is Sikai cable.      Sikai cable 5A super-fast charging or 3A fast charging, the price is quite reasonable, USB interface design protects your phone batter from hurting by leakage. It aims to offer multiple and best choices to your smart digital life. Sikai […]

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     The product I want to talk about today is CANDYEIC cable.      CANDYEIC cable solves cellphones’ problem of dust adhesion at the charging port accumulated over a long period so as to prolong the life of cellphones.     It has dust-proof plug-in head and both front and back side are capable […]

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     The brand I would like to talk about today is GETIHU.     GETIHU Cable can support blind insertion charging operate in one hand,     It can support phone upside down. The price is quite reasonable.      What’s more, it is more flexible and sturdier than other normal cables and it can prolong […]

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 Cafele Cable

    Cafele was founded in 2011, it focuses on mobile phone accessories for 7 years.     Cafele has design team and factory and has rich supply chain resources.     Cafele, with multiple product patents, provides high quality 3C digital products.     Cafele cable can eliminate troubles of charging phone.     […]

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Rocketek Cable

     Rocketek was established in 1998, it has been committed to the development of the mobile peripherals.      And it focuses on USB data transfer and charging series. All of the products have complete certification.      Factory address is located in Shenzhen and over 300 employees.     Rocketek cable is made […]

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X-Level Cable

     The brand I would like to talk about today is X-Level, its advantage is lighter, thinner and  simpler”.      X-Level’s products will give good impression to customers.     The X-Level cable was upgraded braided line. The cables are more flexible and sturdier than normal cables.     The price is so […]

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HOCO Cable

      The brand I would like to talk about today is HOCO, HOCO was founded in 2009.       The brand “HOCO” has developed into a famous global brand of digital and mobile phone accessories.       HOCO cable uses blue charge lamp and the quality is excellent, it provides a […]

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    CBAOO specializes in providing high quality and cost effective products to consumers around the world. It brings good products to all the people.     CBAOO uses colorful cable and it is good value for money, therefore the CBAOO cable attracts more customers.    The quality of the CBAOO cable is excellent that […]

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Elough Cable

    Elough is an original mobile phone accessories brand which full of imaginative and creative. Warm, young, pursuit of ultimate experience is its label.    Elough created a distinctive design just want to make your life more intelligent and efficient.      The Elough cable’s influence has spread over English, China and Japan markets.   […]

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